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RoundUp Savings

Any purchases made after you enroll in RoundUp Savings will be included and will post to your accounts immediately after your transaction.
No, you will continue to use your current debit card.
You may use online or mobile banking to look at your RoundUp Savings transfers and account balances. You can also review your month-end account statement, whether you receive eStatements or printed statements.
No, your checks will not be rounded up. RoundUp Savings only applies to debit card purchases on the account you enroll.
Certain debit card transaction types may be excluded from RoundUp Savings. For example, recurring payments for utilities and other bills may not round up.
If there are not enough funds to cover the full RoundUp Savings transfer, the available amount will still be transferred. RoundUp Savings transfers will not use any overdraft source, including linked accounts or Courtesy Pay. For example, say you have $210.30 available in your account, and you make a debit card purchase for $210.14. Instead of rounding up to the next dollar and transferring $0.86 into your designated account, RoundUp Savings will only transfer $0.16 into your designated account.
No, the RoundUp Savings amount will not show on your merchant receipt.
If your credit union debit card purchase is cancelled or reversed, the corresponding RoundUp Savings transfer remains in the account it was transferred to.
Yes. RoundUp Savings transfers will apply to purchases made with every debit card associated with the enrolled checking account.
No, you can only set up RoundUp Savings to deposit into an account that you’re an owner of.
If you have a change in account ownership, including being removed from the account your RoundUp Savings transfers are being deposited into, you are responsible for contacting us to implement the change.
If the checking account enrolled in RoundUp Savings is closed or all accounts receiving RoundUp Savings transfers are closed, RoundUp Savings will be cancelled.
You may cancel RoundUp Savings at any time via online or mobile banking. Log in and go to the Services tab and select RoundUp Savings. Check the Cancel Enrollment boxes, and the service is canceled. You can also cancel enrollment by stopping by a branch or contacting us. Once RoundUp Savings is canceled, the round-up feature will be removed, and debit card transactions will post for the exact amount as the transaction.