Credit Union Advocacy

Be a voice for your credit union.

Champion the cause of your credit union

As a valued member and co-owner, you already know the unique benefits credit unions can provide, including significant savings for Iowans through better rates and fewer fees. Here are some facts that you may not know about credit unions:

  • Credit unions save Iowans $100 million annually in better rates and fewer fees.
  • There are 1.1 million credit union members in Iowa.
  • Credit unions have a $1.25 billion economic impact on the state economy.
  • Credit unions continue to pay millions in taxes each year, including state monies and credits tax, payroll tax, sales tax and property tax.

There are a few ways that you can have a positive impact on the future of credit unions. As a member and owner of your credit union, you can:

Donate to CUPAC

The Credit Union Political Action Committee (CUPAC) is the voice for credit unions on Capitol Hill. CUPAC talks to legislators on a regular basis, educating them on issues of importance to credit unions and their members. They are our advocates, and we urge you to support their efforts.