About Corda Credit Union

Here, it starts with heart.

Discover the story of Corda Credit Union.

Our roots go back to 1935 — born and raised right here in Iowa. We’ve grown a lot over the years, but some things never change. Providing great local banking isn’t just at the heart what we do, it’s the core of who we are.

Our mission drives us.

We’re here to be partners in a successful future with our members and employees by providing caring financial services and community support.

Eleven Cedar Rapids teachers each put up $5 of their own money to form the Cedar Rapids Teachers’ Credit Union, where the funds deposited by teachers would be lent out to their co-workers in a not-for-profit, trustworthy manner.

The name was changed to Cedar Rapids Community Schools Employees’ Credit Union to allow all Cedar Rapids school employees (other than just teachers) the option of joining.

The name was changed to Linn Area Schools Credit Union to allow membership to any educational institution employee in the county – public or private.

Our name was changed to Linn Area Credit Union. After renting space this whole time, we bought our first building, on 6th St SW. The credit union had 3,381 members.

We changed to a community charter, allowing anyone living or working in Linn County the option of joining. This same year, we began offering credit cards and home equity loans.

We started holding our all-staff training meetings every Thursday morning. This tradition still takes place because we believe you deserve well-trained employees.

We built our Blairs Ferry Rd NE branch and introduced debit cards.

We introduced our first website.

We introduced online banking. The following year, we expanded our membership to include “anyone living or working in Linn or surrounding counties.”

We imagined the Teacher Store to give back to our roots of serving educators in the communities.

We expanded our field of membership by 14 additional neighboring counties. We now serve a total of 22 counties in Eastern Iowa.

We became Corda Credit Union to be welcoming to everyone in our field of membership. As a credit union that is proud to serve our state’s families and communities, we keep our heart at the center of who we are— in both our name and our actions.

Who we are today

From our humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone of community support and financial services, Corda Credit Union continues to write its story – one of unwavering dedication to our members, our employees, and the broader community we serve. Join us as we look forward to more chapters of innovation and growth. Because when it comes to building something people can be proud of, it all starts with heart.

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