Overdraft Services

Be prepared for the unexpected.

Let’s figure out your overdraft safety net together.

Our options are designed to cover you in unexpected situations and help you avoid excess fees. It’s all about giving you peace of mind and keeping your finances steady.

Effortlessly manage your finances with linked accounts

Link your accounts to protect against overdrafts. Choose which accounts to draw from and their order to cover any unexpected charges in your checking account.

For example, you wrote a check for $325 more than you actually had in your checking account:

  • If your first choice is for us to transfer funds from your savings account, we’ll take a look to see if there’s $325 in your savings account to transfer.
  • If not, we’ll move on to your next designated account.
  • You can list as many accounts as you like, as long as you’re a primary or joint owner on the accounts. These transfers cost only $4 plus tax per transaction.

Not sure about your current setup or want to make changes? Our team is ready to help with any changes to your linked accounts, ensuring your banking experience is smooth and stress-free.

Ask us about linked accounts

Streamline your spending with Credit Card Reserve Checking

If you have a credit card with us, this option activates cash advances in $100 increments to cover overdrafts, up to your card’s limit, along with standard cash advance fees.

To set up this seamless overdraft protection, simply contact us to get started.

Ask us about Credit Card Reserve

Courtesy Pay

Corda Credit Union’s Courtesy Pay is a convenient service if you have a personal checking account.

Eligible accounts over 90 days old in good standing can automatically use this feature, allowing an account to go negative up to $500, and to be repaid within 30 days. A fee of $30 plus tax may apply for each overdraft.

This convenient service covers you for all sorts of transactions including:

  • Withdrawals, cashed checks, and other transactions at the teller counter
  • Transfers done via phone, electronically or any other method
  • Debit card transactions
  • Point-of-sale transactions
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Certain loan payments
  • Pre-authorized, recurring automatic debits
  • One time automatic debits
  • Checks you’ve written
  • Bill Pay debits

Corda Credit Union has the right to:

  • refuse coverage of any overdraft
  • withdraw any account from this program based on poor performance
  • discontinue this program at any time

If you do not want Courtesy Pay on your checking account, please contact us.

Ask us about Courtesy Pay