Financial Coaching

Create a brighter financial future.

Improve your financial well-being with guided support.

Are you trying to develop healthier financial habits? A financial coach can help you overcome your personal preconceptions about money, grasp your unique relationship with it, and lead you toward a more secure financial future — all at no cost, and with complete confidentiality. All Corda Credit Union members with an active Membership Savings account are eligible to participate in the program. (Not a member? Apply today!)

Your partner in financial success

Unlike financial advisors, our coaches don’t make decisions for you. Instead, we work alongside you to uncover subconscious beliefs affecting your spending habits, boosting your confidence in reaching financial goals.

Together, we’ll:

  • Explore your emotional connection to money
  • Review your finances
  • Analyze your credit report
  • Create short-term and long-term financial goals

Whether it’s making a spending plan, understanding your credit, or planning for your future, our financial coaches are your partners in financial success. To get started, simply complete and submit the form below.

Create your own spending plan

We’ve developed a zero-based spending plan worksheet as a helpful tool for you. Your financial coach will help you complete the worksheet during your personalized financial coaching sessions, but we want to make sure you have access to this tool at any time — in case you’d like to revise your spending plan along the way.

Download our Budget-Planning Tool