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Debit & ATM Cards

Our routing number is: 273972897
Please call 1.833.285.1743 (choose option 4).
Contact us or stop by one of our branches. There is a $10 replacement fee, per card. If either of these cards are stolen or compromised, call us immediately at 319.892.7300. If it’s after hours, call 1.833.851.5397. In the case of theft, be sure to alert the local authorities.
Call 319.892.7300. For assistance after hours, please call 1.800.950.5228. To reset your debit card PIN, call 1.833.285.1743.
Call 319.892.7300 immediately. After hours, call 1.800.950.5228. If your card is stolen, be sure to also report the theft to local authorities.


If you need a copy of a check you've written, please contact us.
If you need to stop a check before it gets processed, please contact us. You can also stop payments using online banking.
If this is your first time ordering checks for your account, please contact us to place the order. After your initial order of checks, you can order more using online banking or our mobile app. Log in, go to the Services tab, and select Order Checks from the dropdown menu. Select your account and follow the prompts. The system will automatically preload your member information into the check order. If you’re a Prime Time member, the first two boxes of checks each calendar year are free. After that, you’ll receive a 50% discount.
Call 319.892.7300. In the case of theft, be sure to report it to local authorities.

Overdraft Services

If you ever find your Corda Credit Union checking account a bit in the red, don't worry. We've got a few safety nets to keep you covered. Here's how you can cushion your account:
  1. Linked Accounts: Did you know your accounts can have each other's backs? Link them up, and if your checking account ever needs a little help, your other account(s) will jump in to fill the gap. You're in charge here – you get to pick which accounts lend a hand and in what order.
  2. Credit Card Reserve Checking: Have a Corda Credit Union credit card? Great! If your checking account ever dips below zero, we'll sort it out with a cash advance in $100 chunks.
  3. Courtesy Pay: This one's like a little buffer for your personal checking account. If your account's been with us for over 90 days and is on its best behavior, we'll let it slide into the negative, up to $500. Just make sure to bring it back to the positive within 30 days. A fee of $30 plus tax may apply for each overdraft.
Learn more about our overdraft services.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit offers more benefits than just the convenience of not waiting in line on payday:
  • Instant – Electronic payroll deposit shows up in your account earlier than depositing in person.
  • Instant access to funds – No check holds, your money is instantly available in your account.
  • Receive perks – Direct deposits qualify you for our High Yield Checking Account.
  • Alerts – Enroll in online banking and you can set it up to receive a message to your cell phone or e-mail to let you know when your direct deposit came in, and for how much.
  • Security – Reduces theft or loss of your check.
  • Free service – There is no fee to set up payroll direct deposit.
To get started, contact your employer for your company’s payroll direct deposit form. If you would like help filling out the form, please contact us. If you need to sign up for direct deposit for Social Security, please go to Go Direct®.