Depreciation Protection

Lock in your vehicle’s worth.

Protect your investment.

Our Depreciation Protection ensures your vehicle’s value stays the same, regardless of market depreciation. So, if the unexpected happens, you’re not just covered, you’re ahead.

Get coverage for when accidents happen

Imagine driving home in your new car, a vehicle you negotiated down to $20,000 from $25,000. With a $7,000 down payment a financed remainder of $15,000, you’re feeling pretty good. Then, unexpectedly, an accident occurs. Thankfully, everyone is safe, but your new car suffers significant damage.

Without Depreciation Protection, insurance might cover the now-depreciated value of $20,000, leaving you to start from scratch with only $5,000 after your loan balance is cleared, which can put you in a pretty tight spot financially.

Depreciation Protection adapts as your loan balance changes; it’s designed to match the outstanding amount of your loan, ensuring you’re never in the red post-accident. Whether it happens immediately or years down the line, this coverage ensures you can rebound quickly.

Get Depreciation Protection on your auto loan.

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*The amount of Depreciation Protection you need will depend upon your individual circumstances. Our financial counselors will work with you to determine the appropriate amount of coverage.