Guaranteed Auto Protection

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Discover how Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) can protect you from owing more than your car’s worth and provide support toward your next vehicle. Plus, GAP includes coverage for your insurance deductible, ensuring that you’re protected from all angles.

Going above and beyond your auto insurance

If the unexpected happens and you totaled your vehicle, you may have to continue making payments on it. Insurance would cover a lot, but most likely not all of the loan amount because of dramatic depreciation on new and late model vehicles. Unfortunately, this scenario happens a lot when there is a car accident, and it leaves people owing more on their car than it is worth.

GAP kicks in when the amount your insurer would pay for your totaled or stolen car is less than what you still owe on the loan (minus any delinquent payments, late charges, refundable service warranty contracts or other insurance-related charges). Not only does GAP cover the remainder of your loan balance, it will also give you $1,000 toward a new car financed at Corda Credit Union within 90 days of the accident. GAP also covers your insurance deductible1.

We recommend GAP in any of the following instances:

  • You’re financing for more than 4 years (48 months)
  • You’re purchasing a car and not putting at least 20% down
  • You are rolling debt from your last auto loan into your current auto loan

You can add GAP to an existing car loan, or you can get it at the same time you get your loan.

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1The maximum deductible reimbursement is $500 per instance. Deductible reimbursement is only available during the first two years of coverage.