Cedar Witch Goods Opens at the Market

The 2024 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year winner offers “hippie witch-vibed” bath and body products.

Cedar Witch Goods Casts Its Spell on NewBo City Market

Cedar Witch Goods, a bath and body products company owned by Katie Adams, is now open for business at NewBo City Market. In March 2024, Katie won the second annual Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year competition, sponsored by Corda Credit Union. She opened her retail store on June 7, 2024.

As the winner of the Emerging Entrepreneur competition, Katie is receiving a rent-free space at NewBo City Market for the next year, courtesy of Corda Credit Union. She will also receive one-on-one business development mentoring from NewBo City Market and the credit union.

“I’m incredibly grateful for Corda Credit Union,” Katie said. “Having a storefront is a dream come true.”

Katie’s entrepreneurial journey started in 2013 when she began making old-fashioned lye soap with modern colors and fragrances. Originally known as Thumbprint Soap, her business evolved into Cedar Witch Goods, inspired by her family’s heritage and her love for crafting quality bath products.

“I have lived along the Cedar River for more than 30 years, and talk of witches and magic was commonplace in my family growing up,” said Katie. “My great-great-great-great grandmother was rumored to be a witch, and this encouraged a love of all things witchy and spooky from an early age.”

Katie has taken these two aspects of her life and combined them to create what she describes as “hippie witch-vibed” bath and body products like soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, beard and body oils, lip balms, essential oils, and wax melts.

Visitors to Cedar Witch Goods can expect high-quality skincare essentials, as well as an immersive shopping experience that reflects Katie’s eclectic style and passion for the craft. The store’s opening in NewBo City Market represents a new chapter for Katie, who is looking forward to connecting with the local community and fellow entrepreneurs.

“I’m eager to showcase my products in a physical space and engage with customers face-to-face,” Katie said. “More than anything, I’m excited about being part of the Market’s dynamic community and fostering meaningful relationships with other vendors and Market enthusiasts.”

With its doors now open, Cedar Witch Goods promises to be a favorite destination for those seeking artisanal treasures with a touch of enchantment. Katie’s unique offerings make Cedar Witch Goods a standout addition to the diverse shops at NewBo City Market.

Soaps and sundries on the shelf at Cedar Witch Goods in NewBo City Market

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